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#1 2008-05-27 01:48:39

Julian Mule
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Re: Took MULE to UTV Rally

Well, for better or worse I decided to take my Trans4x4 to the Moab to see how it would perform.  Since rock crawling is not a speed sport I figured it would do better than many expected.  It did fairly well considering it was dubbed "The Bus" before the event was over.  I got to the event right after the groups left on Thursday morning after driving all night to get there... that was a bummer.  I got some work done and went down to the arena to figure out what was going on and to register.  I got signed up for the raffles and the "tug-o-war" on Friday.  I almost slept too late and got to the arena right at 10am on Friday to enter the event and after starting the mule and driving over to the rodeo ring I was called right away and immediately lost... the motor bogged and the belt slipped like crazy.  Bummer... but it was a double-elimination event.

I decided to warm the motor and belt up by driving it around the lot for a few minutes to see if I could get a different result.  Well, that was it, she was just cold when I tried the first time.  Here are the pics that a friend gave me from the event.

Beat my second Rhino

Pulling around after winning in the losers bracket

Waiting between rounds

Kyle hooking me up again!


About this time they are making fun of the MULE calling it the Shiny Red Tractor!

Diggin' in again.
I eventually won because unfortunately RMD broke his axle in our final pull while he and Gilbert (I believe) were jumping up and down trying to get him some better traction.

The next day I decided to take the "The Bus" as it was dubbed on the Cliffhanger trail to check and see what it would do.  There were two spots where the open front diff was a problem.  I honestly forgot that the front diff was open and didn't lock when I engaged my rear locker until I got on the trail.  I always goes like a billygoat in the mountains where I use it, so I guess I was just having an early senior moment :x   My winch broke on its maiden voyage, but Warn warrantied it and I've got the new one in it already.  So the Rhino with the BFG A/T tires winched my over the first obstacle I was stuck on and then I made it the rest of the way in and then I got stuck one time on the way back and Gilbert winched me out.  Both time I got high-centered due to double obstacles and the lack of my front-end being able to pull me up.  As long as my rear tires had grip it went every where.  Here are some pics that Brownrhino was kind enough to give to me!  Thanks Oscar, I'll keep that IOU for a Julian pie for sure!


Much thanks to Andre from Trail Armor, and Gilbert for being patient with the "bus", and Chris and Kyle for making the odd duck at the event feel welcome!  I had a great time.  I don't think I'll put my MULE through Cliffhanger again, but it was cool to see what the limits for the machine are.  A 2" lift and bigger tires were the only performance mods to the machine and I needed those for my own property to be able to straddle rocks and tree stumps.

The Wheels on "The Bus" go round and round... round and round... round and round...


#2 2008-05-27 04:08:42

rhino up
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Re: Took MULE to UTV Rally

"The Bus" hahaha  lol  lol

Looks like fun!


#3 2008-05-27 07:35:17

From: Spanish Fork, Utah
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Re: Took MULE to UTV Rally

And I thought you only brought it for the "Tractor" pulls  lol Wish I had been on a ride with you, looks like the "Bus" did just fine  8)  Thanks for sharing.


#4 2008-06-07 00:21:55

From: Arizona
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Re: Took MULE to UTV Rally

So nevermind that...did you have fun at the ralley?

2008 Kawasaki Teryx


#5 2008-06-07 08:19:22

From: West Jordan, Utah
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Re: Took MULE to UTV Rally

The main's still a side x side. I think with a clutch kit it would have pulled more out there.Warming the clutch up makes a lot of sense, mabey next year.

Are we camping yet?


#6 2008-06-07 09:41:41

From: UTAH
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Re: Took MULE to UTV Rally

Nice! I didnt know that you went out on the trails. Looks like the bus did quite well.  smile  Did you have enough power out on the trails? Thanks for sharing the pix!

And a big congrats on the big win!!!

See ya there again next year.


#7 2008-06-08 16:25:03

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Re: Took MULE to UTV Rally

Lock up the front end and GO FOR IT again.
Bdsm Slave


#8 2008-06-13 00:53:21

Julian Mule
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Re: Took MULE to UTV Rally

Diesel I had a blast!  I haven't had that much fun 4-wheeling in ages (I guess I should say 3 wheeling some of the time)!

Fasttrax, Thanks!  Yep, the clutch issue was really just a warm-up issue.  The BUS' guts are fairly overbuilt as you would expect and with the bigger parts it just took a little longer to get them to engage and warm-up that morning, it's designed to pull a plow, but normally you don't have someone else pulling on the other side of the plow  lol Once she was warm she was fine.

Krypto - I didn't bring that thing all of the way from SoCal to enter the damn rodeo 8)   I didn't even know about the rodeo until I got there.  I only have money for my one SxS, so I that's what I brought!  tongue It was a good enough excuse to come to the event. I did have plenty of power on the trails, which I knew I would.  The damn thing will only go 24mph, but it never lacks torque.  The open front-diff combined with the long wheelbase was the real limiter when I couldn't keep both rear tires on the ground.  When I could attack a ledge or face directly, even with steps, it would usually just crawl right up it.  The alternating obstacles where I needed the front-end to drag me across some stuff were the two places I got stuck and needed to be winched.  Without the lift and tires I would not have been able to do what I did at all.  Makes me wonder what the shorter wheelbase version with the same lift and tires would do.  Thanks for the congrats, I was pleasantly surprised. 

Here's a prime example Troy sent me of how she likes to throw one wheel up in the air!

Mouser... we'll see if I get a bug up my butt between now and then 8)   I've got lockers in the front of both of my trucks, so it wouldn't be the first time I upgraded a front-end... but I think I would have to get a rear case and modify it for the front and then modify an extra locker cable to get it to work.  Don't know if I have that much free time coming this year... but if I could get a Teryx variable locker setup to work I would be into that.  I just don't know if any of the parts are even remotely close to being swappable right now.  I guess I should do some homework!

I think I am gonna do the power steering thing for sure though.  The new systems are supposed to be able to bolt directly onto my older machine... that would be worth doing!

The Wheels on "The Bus" go round and round... round and round... round and round...


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