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Re: Getting ready to get first side by side

i live in Central Florida and plan on geting a UTV for use in our commercial nursery/vineyard and for occasional hunting.  I current have two pick up trucks which are continually getting banged up navigating the vinyard and nursery.  I have a couple of tractors but it's tough to carry much stuff around without a trailer.  Getting on and off the tractor is geting to be more of a chore as I get older.  I also have an electric golf cart but its old continually needs repair and won't haul much.

I started out thinking about getting a used machine then started looking at new ones then I got totally confused.  I am trying to learn enough about the better manufacturers and make a short list before seriously shopping for a specific model.  I am thinking Yamaha, Polaris, Kubota, Kawasaki and John Deere would be a decent short list.  Any help or suggestions are appreciated.  I will be reading posts to see what I can learn  Thanks

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Re: Getting ready to get first side by side

For the work you're describing I really like the Kawasaki Mule Trans 4x4. It can haul 2 or 4 people and when configured as a 2 seater the bed is extended and can haul whatever you can throw at it. It's not very fast (25mph) and it doesn't have the best suspension but it's tough and will last.

My dad had a 2006 until a year ago and all he ever did aside from regular maintenance was replace the drive belt on it.

It really is properly named, it is slow but will climb anything while packing a load.

Here's a link … =15&id=753

My other choice would be a Polaris Ranger. It is way more machine as far as power and suspension go, probly around 40-50mph and enough suspension for small jumps.

But after years of work I don't know if it would hold up as well as the Mule because it has a plastic bed, it's tough, but it's still plastic while the Mule bed is steel.

Here's a link … sage-green

And either of these machines can be found used for a fraction of the cost but these machines are usually put through the ringer on a regular basis so it would be a crap shoot you'd have to make without a factory warranty.


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