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#1 2011-05-18 20:08:14

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Re: Latest upgrades to Brutus…

Recently Brutus got a few upgrades. The transmission had the Polaris recall done on the low range engagement mechanism. While we were in there we pulled the engine & installed forged pistons, and a pinned & welded crankshaft for extra strength.

They found a problem with the crank case casting that allowed the oil pressure to be erratic, it would spike for no apparent reason. The problem was in the actual crank case casting or machining. The valve that regulates oil pressure was getting stuck. The crank case was replaced.

We installed a full sweep oil pressure gauge & a HUGE oil cooler. (Overkill…Maybe….) :-)

I also picked up one of the aluminum ATV wagon camp trailers.
With independent torsion bar suspension, 45 cubic feet of dry cargo space, a cargo rack, 1,263 # of cargo capacity, and 11” of ground clearance, it can haul EVERYTHING into the back country!

I’m ready to go camping… If it EVER stops raining!





#2 2011-05-19 22:45:31

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Re: Latest upgrades to Brutus…

Nice! Dave's hauling our gear  wink


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