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Re: How To Post Photos in the Photo Gallery

Posting Pictures in the Photo Gallery:

1. From any forum page: click the red "Photo Gallery" button to go to the photo gallery.

2. Click the "Upload file" link.

3. Click one of the browse buttons to locate the file on your computer you want to upload.
   (You can upload up to 5 files at one time)

4. Once you've selected your file(s), click the "CONTINUE" button.

5. When the file(s) are uploaded you will get a "Successful Upload" page.
   Then click the "CONTINUE" button.

6. Select the Album you wish to add your photo to. Optionally you can give your photo a
   title and description. Click "CONTINUE" once you have filled out the form fields click "CONTINUE".  This step will repeat for each file you are uploading.

7. That's it. Your done!
   You should see a "You have successfully placed all the files" message. Click the
   "CONTINUE" button to return to the gallery home page.

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