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Re: What to buy? I am a newbie.

Hi all.
I am in the market for my first side by side. I have researched a lot. With the wife and kids and my current needs I think a side by side will be excellent for us as we love the outdoors. We really enjoy fishing and camping deep in the woods.
I am not looking for speed but will need at least 4 seats sometimes six for friends or family.
I will be going through some rough terrain but nothing too bad.
I will use the side by side hunting, fishing, and bringing a tent and supplies for comping with the family. It will also be used for some yard work and maybe plowing some small amounts of snow.
I am looking at the terry 4, viking vi and the ranger crew.
I am leaning toward the ranger 570 as I think it fits my budget better and will do what I need. Not sure if I need the 900. I am not looking for the extra power unless I need it.
The Viking VI looks very nice and I really like Yamaha. Hear mixed reviews though.
Teryx 4 seems a lot of fun and a lot more nimble but may not be what I need.

Any advice would help. Thanks in advance.


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Re: What to buy? I am a newbie.

Ranger Crew all the way. And if you're going to do it, do it all the way, 900!

I had a 2010 800 Crew and loved it but screwed up and traded it for a RZR XP4 900. It was way faster and better suspension but somebody was always left at camp.


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