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From: House Springs,Mo
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Re: New old guy from House Springs Mo

Hello all, I'm the new "OLD" guy. Just joined in the last week. Live in Missousri so I get the best and the worst of the weather. Have had many ATVs Dune buggies and 4X4s in my time. Did about everything stupid that could be done with em I guess.
Recently picked up a side by side that not many people mention. Its a New Holland. Kind of a work horse machine and not much of a speedster. Its got a full cab and a heater, for my ol skinny butt. . Seems the units are produced by Club Car. It has a diesel with a block heater and was wondering if anyone knows who produces the engines or how to tell. Have seen some things on line that made me think it is a Kawasaki but have no proof of that. It has way more head room than needed and I wish it was a little lower on the ROPS and cab for gettin thru the woods whether it be for deer huntin or haulin out firewood.
Don't know if the pic will show up but if it does you can see what a Candy I'm gettin to be in my old age. All help and comments are welcome and wil be greatly appreciated.



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