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Re: If a new company came to the market what kinda of part would

Like the title says.  My boss is looking at getting into the ATV/Motorcycle market for building parts.  We are looking at ATV and motorcycle world for parts in high demand and I was told I should come over here and check to see what you guys are looking for?

Heavy duty skid plates?
lift kits?

We have TIG and MIG machines along with 2 lasers a few breaks, tubing benders , cnc mill and a bunch of other machines.  We have a 140k sq ft shop that we build shipping containers in and are looking to break into a new market.  I will be giving a pitch to the owner of the company I work for and Im looking for feedback from you guys as to what kinda of parts you guys are looking for and what kind of price range for those parts you guys would like to see. 

Any and all feed back would be great.  I have been into sport quads and street bikes but the side x side is kind of new to me so Im not sure what you guys want for parts. 

Thanks for taking the time to read my post and I hope to get some great ideas.


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