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Re: 26x12x12 front smooth buffs for the XP4. Not a typo 26x12x12

They are a 26x12x12 and I couldn't believe I found them it seems like nobody has been on board with the whole flotation theory lately. Nobody has a front sand tire that is tall enough to match my rear Sand Blasters (26.75 on an 8" wheel) and then finally Fullerton Sand Sports came out with a "Big Buff" to solve that problem but it's a 27x9x12. 9"! we're talking sand here! I came across a post by Unleashed UTV on RZR forums and he mentioned a 26x12x12 front buff so I replied and asked him if that was a typo or if such a tire exists. He confirmed and $240 later I have my tires. They are around 26.5" tall on a 6" wide wheel and around 26.25" tall on an 8" wheel. I'm gonna run them on 6's. Does anyone have any stock RZR front wheels laying around? I'll buy them.

6" wheel on the left 8" on the right


Next to the Sand Blaster 26x12x12


And this is the one on an 8" wide wheel at 6psi that's why it looks a little flat and that's why I'm going with the 6" wide wheel to round it out a little. This is with 1.5" spacers, I'll need the spacers even with the 6" wheel just due to how much wider the tire is, it rubs the shock when turned.


Compared to the stock front 26x9x12 Bighorn




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