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Re: The Ultimate Tire Carrier

Why do you need a tire carrier?

•You won't lose all of your valuable space to your spare tire.
•Our tire carrier has a tie down loop at the bottom that will allow you to fit a 2" strap through it. This will ensure your machine will not move around on your trailer.  This could also be used to pull out a buddy that is stuck.
•We include the 2 ton jack and handle. We also mount it to your carrier so that it does not use up your space.
•We have made a place for a cable to go through the carrier and your spare for security when your machine is unattended.
•Our oval mounting plate is made to fit any bolt pattern.
•The carrier is powder coated for durability in the elements.
•This carrier will put your spare tire out of your way but not hinder you reaching into your box or prevent you from climbing steep hills.
•Your tire will be down low enough to not hinder your view out of the back of your vehicle.

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