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> IDAHO, Call your Senators on CIEDRA before they return to Washington   
> DC
> Dear BRC Action Alert Subscriber in Idaho,
> What was your reaction to the news that Idaho Senators Mike Crapo   
> and Jim Risch recently introduced Congressman Mike Simpson's Central   
> Idaho Economic Development and Recreation Act (CIEDRA) in the Senate?
> Were you shocked? You should have been. Idaho has 5 million acres of   
> Wilderness already. More than any other state except Alaska.   
> Wilderness bans all mountain bike and motorized recreation. Yet,   
> Idaho's entire congressional delegation is now supporting a bill   
> that designates 332,775 new acres of wilderness in the Boulder White   
> Clouds (BWC).
> I hate to say this, but the story on this CIEDRA bill is getting   
> worse. A comparison between the 2009 House version and the 2010   
> Senate version will turn your shock into outrage.
> The Idaho Recreation Council recently put the two bills side-by-side   
> and found the new 2010 version considerably worse than its   
> predecessor. See: Comparison of the 2009 House CIEDRA VS 2010 Senate   
> First of all, the new bill has more Wilderness. A lot more. Over   
> 20,000 acres of "new" Wilderness has been added to the White Clouds   
> Wilderness. The new bill also throws out language that gave   
> permanent protection to the motorized routes in the Sawtooth   
> National Recreation Area but outside the proposed Wilderness. Rep.   
> Simpson started out with a basic premise of wanting to settle the   
> issue once and for all and that is no longer being accomplished.
> The new bill also eliminates language that secures motorized access   
> to the very popular and scenic Germania Creek-East Fork/Grand Prize   
> trail. The new bill not only takes away the East Fork/Grand Prize   
> section, it also allows closure of the entire route "for non- 
> motorized recreation purposes."
> Similarly, the new bill paves the way for the closure of the Frog   
> Lake loop. In the "old" bill, Simpson included language that secured   
> motorized access but the new bill says it will remain open only "if   
> the Secretary allows motorized use."
> There's more. The OHV park near Boise was stripped out, as was   
> authorization for $1 million to the Idaho Parks and Recreation to   
> develop and manage it. And the trail between Redfish Lake and   
> Stanley for non-motorized use in summer and snowmobiles in the   
> winter, including parking areas at each end was stripped out.
> The only thing this bill protects the land from is YOU. Simply   
> because you ride a mountain bike, enjoy snowmobiling or ride off- 
> highway vehicles, you don't have a right to view these lands.
> That's not Idaho. We can do better.
> Senator Risch and Crapo have scheduled June 16, 2010, for a Senate   
> Subcommittee hearing on the new bill. Congress is in recess until   
> June 4 for local district work sessions. That means the next few   
> days is the best opportunity to contact the Senators with your   
> concerns prior to the June 16 hearing.
> Please make your call today. We've put together some talking points   
> you can use below. And tell you friends and family to make their   
> calls by the end of the week.
> As always, thanks in advance for your action on this important   
> issue. Please call or email if you have any comments or suggestions.
> Brian Hawthorne 
> Public Lands Policy Director 
> BlueRibbon Coalition 
> 208-237-1008 ext 102
> Idaho Senators on board with a "new" Boulder White Clouds Wilderness   
> Bill - that's even worse than previous versions. 
> Please call the senators during Memorial Day recess and express your   
> concern.
> Situation: 
> Senators Mike Crapo and Jim Risch recently introduced Congressman   
> Mike Simpson's Central Idaho Economic Development and Recreation Act   
> (CIEDRA) in the Senate. Idaho's entire congressional delegation is   
> now supporting this bill that designates 332,775 new acres of   
> wilderness in the Boulder White Clouds (BWC). 
> See: Boulder-White Clouds wilderness bill to be reintroduced today 
> Simpson's wilderness bill gets Senate introduction 
> What you need to do: 
> The Memorial Day recess (May 31 - June 4) gives Idaho's   
> recreationists a golden opportunity to express concerns about the   
> new bill.
> Sen. Mike Crapo 
>      Boise Office: (208) 334-1776 
>      Pocatello Office: (208) 236-6775 
>      Idaho Falls Office: (208) 522-9779 
>      Coeur d'Alene Office: (208) 664-5490 
>      Lewiston Office: (208) 743-1492 
>      Caldwell Office: (208) 455-0360 
>      Twin Falls Office: (208) 734-2515
> Sen. Jim Risch 
>      Boise Office: (208) 342-7985 
>      Coeur d'Alene Office: (208) 667-6130 
>      Idaho Falls Office: (208) 523-5541 
>      Lewiston Office: (208) 743-0792 
>      Pocatello Office: (208) 236-6817 
>      Twin Falls Office: (208) 734-6780
> Please be polite.
> With 5 million acres already set aside, Idaho has enough Wilderness.   
> I oppose CIEDRA and I am calling to ask the Senator to reconsider   
> his decision to promote this bill.
> There is no threat to these lands. No massive clear cutting project   
> is in the works. No giant mining operation proposed. Mountain bikes,   
> off-highway vehicles and snowmobiles are not harming these lands.
> CIEDRA will kick out motorized and mountain bike recreationists who   
> will take their dollars with them, having a negative impact on the   
> local economy.
> The Sawtooth National Recreation Areas provides protection and   
> balanced management while still allowing recreational uses.
> I am opposed use of the Omnibus package to pass CIEDRA or any public   
> lands bill. 
> The BlueRibbon Coalition is a national (non-profit) trail-saving   
> group that represents over 600,000 recreationists nationwide The   
> Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) season is beginning. Federal   
> employees, please mark BlueRibbon Coalition and Check #11402 on your   
> CFC pledge form to support our efforts to protect your access. Join   
> us at 1-800-258-3742 
> _______________________________________________________
> As a non-profit, grassroots organization funded primarily by   
> membership dues and donations, we greatly appreciate your support.   
> Visit to help fund   
> our efforts to protect your trails!



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