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Re: Rhino 500W Stator and HID's

Hi All,
I have researched the forum on wiring for HID's and a 500W stator, but have been unable to find someone who is running close to my setup on their Rhino (2006). I bought the Rhino used and want to make sure it is setup right before I go dunning and end up with a dead battery.

I have 8 35w HID's, lighted whip, and rear lead lights all wired to the stock battery that is being charged off a 500w aftermarket stator. Am I running too many lights off the stock battery to keep the battery charged? If I do the math right, I have 280 watts (35*8) to run the HID's which should leave me with ~220 watts to run the Rhino and charge the battery. If the Rhino uses 200w to run the factory electronics, relays, gauges and all the other crap, will I have enough residual to charge the Stock battery while dunning?

I have a separate Optima blue top battery (not wired to the stock battery or stator) running heated seats, 2 stereo amps, and a head unit. I kind of like how the previous owner only wired the heated seats and stereo off the separate Blue Top. If I kill this battery playing music and heating the seats, I still have the stock battery to run the lights and motor. However, this is dependent on the 500w stator being able to keep the stock battery charged when the HID's are on.

Thanks for any advise.


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Re: Rhino 500W Stator and HID's

Wow you have a lot of electronic on your ride i would suggest to use just one battery but a higher ampere capacity your stator is just right for your system.


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