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Re: Side x Side person capacity

I have a wife and 3 kids.  What types can fit 3 children in the back with harnesses on them?  I have been told that a prowler can, but I don't want to buy the thing and not fit the family in it.  I know a Ranger can.  What seats will fit them?  Thanks for any information that you can give.


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Re: Side x Side person capacity

Not sure about the Prowler, but it seems like it would be tight with three. They make seats for the Rhino for 3 small kids.

Ranger is 3 across, as the kids grow up they will still fit. Bed capacity is 1000/lbs (maybe 1100). The 2010 is 800 engine - I am impressed. Get a cage done locally and add a good seat and harnesses. I would recommend Twisted Stitch seats, I love mine. … ngrearbnch

I you want the ultimate Ranger and cage config. - "Brutus"


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