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#1 2009-06-29 15:52:57

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Re: New AC Goodies

WooHoo... just got the new dealer Parts Guide... some new goodies... From the factory, a heater is now available, P/N 1436-359 ($549.95).

A new roof (2 piece) for use with polycarbonate windshields is available...looks good. P/N 1436-364 ($229.95).

New Hi-Back Bucket seats (suspension seats) are in the book, P/N1436-360 ($349.95).

New flip-out windshield, P/N 1436-362 or if you already own an AC half windshield, you can buy the top half, P/N 1436-374.

See thru back panel, P/N 1436-363 ($199.95)

And lots more...


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