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#1 Re: For Sale & Want Ads » 2007 660 RHINO SE » 2012-08-05 09:37:10

2007 Yamaha Rhino 660 4X4 SE
Very fast, will do over 55mph
Never rolled just has some scratches from bushes
Has a great ride that will surprise you
Current Green Sticker until 2013
ONLY 1,460 Miles
Adult Owned

Here's a list of custom work done on it:

1.    4" Wider offset and powder coated 12" rims
2.    Custom made roll cage made from 2 stock roll cages but lowered 4" to look in       
      Proportion but still looks like factory. Then re powder coated in textured black.
3.    Custom made cross bar for rear view mirror.
4.    4 extra Hella 55w lights 2 on roll cage & 2 on front bumper
4.    Custom made black canvas bimini top.
5.    Quick release cam style 4 point harness on both front seats
6.    Factory installed doors as a retrofit done at the dealer
7.    Aluminum front & rear skid plates
8.    Line-X spray on bed liner
9.    Yamaha accessory Black fender flares.
10.    Tow Hooks front & rear
11.    Custom Black & Silver Seat Covers & Headrests
12.    Volt Meter in dash
13.    12v Electric Fuel Pump
14.    3 Toggle Switches installed in dash. One for fuel pump, other 2 for lights
15.    Half Windshield
16.    4 new Rhino Sport Edition gas shocks with reservoir
17.    Custom made mesh grill with removal Fangs
18.    Cleaned up front Bumper to look custom
19.    Storage Box bolted in bed for tools, tow straps, Ice Chest, Jackets, and a whole lot more
20.    Fire Extinguisher install in bed
21.    New Battery
22.    Custom Made console made from a Subaru Glove Box to open for access to carb & Air Filter
23.    Diamond Plate inside tail gate cover


1.    DRD exhaust pipe
2.    K&N Filter
3.    UNI Crankcase Filter
4.    New Dyna Tek CDI Box
5.    KSM Clutch Sheave
$6,000  NEED TO SELL ASAP  sad



#3 Re: Goin' Riding... Who's with Me? » MILLER CANYON BY LAKE ARROWHEAD,CA. » 2008-08-16 08:36:10

I couldn't find Miller Canyon Rd on Google??? Where is it near off the 138? I'll meet you at the Chevron Station at 8:00 AM.

#4 Re: Goin' Riding... Who's with Me? » MILLER CANYON BY LAKE ARROWHEAD,CA. » 2008-08-12 20:38:01

I missed your last ride. I think we could make this one. See you there.

#5 Re: Where to Ride? » only place to ride » 2008-08-12 20:28:08

I road on one of the trails on 18 the back road going to Big Bear. It was fun but tight through the trees. What trails are you going to do in Big Bear?

#6 Re: Where to Ride? » only place to ride » 2008-07-10 12:21:28

Crap, we are busy this weekend. That's real close to us too. I heard about that ride, and wanted to go and explore it.
You got mail.

#7 Re: Where to Ride? » only place to ride » 2008-07-09 16:22:38

Thanks, I'll will keep in touch. Do you want me to PM you with my E-mail?

#8 Re: Where to Ride? » only place to ride » 2008-07-02 15:41:07

All my "Dirt" friends only go riding in the dirt. They hate sand. I would like to get in a group that goes to Glamis. I also want to get a GPS so I don't get lost.

#9 Re: Rhino Parts and Accessories » What GPS do you use » 2008-06-30 20:05:24

How much and where did you find the Garmin?

#10 Re: Rhino Parts and Accessories » What GPS do you use » 2008-06-30 19:01:49

What GPS is the best one to use off road, at a good price?

#11 Re: Where to Ride? » only place to ride » 2008-06-30 18:30:48

What time of year do people stop going to Glamis? I have never been there but want to go. Is it too late?

#12 Re: Yamaha Rhino Performance Mods » Fuel pump problem » 2007-12-04 09:27:22

The Facet that BRP and pepboys has is between 3-5 psi. I think at times it needs to go higher with the RPM demand on the engine. At low RPM's looking at the filter it keeps up, when it is at a higher rpm its barely there. A regulator would work great I think w/ a pump running at 5-7 lbs.

Has any one tried that?

#13 Re: Yamaha Rhino Performance Mods » Fuel pump problem » 2007-12-02 19:34:37

The electric works and was proven in the auto industy due to vapor locking issues. The problem is to much fuel bogs the four stroke engine and is regulated so it does not feed fast enough when throttle is added. The Vacuum type simply feeds the engine when it is requested at the prescribed amount. I am interested in trying both working together. :idea:

But what about the needle and seat in the carb? It shouldn't matter if the pressure or flow is a little too much. Wouldn't that regulate the fuel that goes into the carburetor bowl. That's how it works in a car engine. I'm not trying to start an argument, or cause trouble. I just want to understand how this Rhino works. I'm used to cars. Is it that the needle and seat very sensitive to pressure?

#14 Re: Yamaha Rhino Performance Mods » Fuel pump problem » 2007-12-02 11:10:33

I think the Alba Fuel pump is probably a good idea, and makes sense. I have a Edelbrock Carb on and had the same problems. Why is everybody condemning the elect fuel pump. Why wouldn't it work. It seems to be the best solution for fixing the problem. I do agree that a electric pump would need a relay, and from the battery. Is that the only problem with the electric pumps. What pressure & flow does the 660 need?

#15 Re: The X Spot » Invaluable information for your cell phone » 2007-11-14 22:33:46

I printed it, and going to keep it in the Rhino.

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