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#1 Re: Prowler Parts and Accessories » Tie Rod stiffeners » 2008-11-26 05:51:22

Have you ever walked 20 miles back to the truck because you broke a tie rod ,,,,,we have the fix for the bending or braking of the tie rod in the threaded part of the tie rod  just email me and we can get the right out

#2 Re: General Arctic Cat Prowler Discussion » Bent Tie Rods » 2008-10-17 05:25:47

if any one has bent the tie rods in the thread end or broke the tie rod I have the fix for it  big_smile ,, its not rocket science but it works ,,,     Randy at has tried them out and said they work just grate for him

#3 Re: Where to Ride? » River Run park in Jacksonville, Texas » 2008-09-26 05:06:49

we have 4 Prowlers ,, like them ,, have had some small problems ,, bending tie rods ,,, but I have the fix for that ,,,, never rode any of the other units so can't compare ,,, we was at the Arctic Cat Rally in the Black Hills and out pulled everything that was at the pull and was the only UTV that made it through the mud bog if that helps any ,,, and they are all stock except for the one that has a 2 inch lift and heaver clutch ,,,, 1222430584758134.jpg bent shock tower when we jumped off the lip going into the mud bog or we could have went through it twice I think,,tire locked up on frame ,,

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