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#1 Re: Events, Rallies, & Races » The Baja GRAPE ADVENTURE, April 27-29 » 2012-04-26 15:26:09

He tried to bone a guy on a refund several months out on one of these what you want with him smile

#4 Re: The X Spot » I made it on KSL.COM!!! Be sure to check out the story! Thx! » 2012-04-15 16:27:33

Jared is a pro! I'm just surprised it took this long to make the news... What number was this one?? 14...20...25??  lol

#6 Re: The X Spot » UTV Shops. When, where, and what » 2012-02-29 22:59:52

Check out the video in this thread
We will all be at the rally. All of us have different setups, but all mainly for crawling. Jared can definately set you up with parts for crawling - he did mine. I am partial to the RZR S and RZR 4 (no trailing arms to drag up ledges), but the XP 900 and Wild Cat are impressive - and you will be able to test drive a cat at the rally. There are a lot of vendors and attendee's that would be happy to give you their opinions and advice (especially 66cummins  lol you coming to the Rally Kyle???)

I'm an RZR S guy.... NOT an XP guy  lol Pushed too many of those up ledges last year  lol Prob won't see me in may  :cry:

#7 Re: Goin' Riding... Who's with Me? » St. George - Presidents Day Weekend » 2012-02-29 22:57:14

Nice vid  big_smile

Thanks Kyle! Miss you  wink

Yo! Miss the crew too.... We will be around..... big_smile

#8 Re: The X Spot » Missourians SxS going to Rally on the Rocks 2012 » 2012-02-29 22:55:10

Lots of folks ride with windows, Leave it as sometimes the weather can change quickly... Guides always help if you are in a spot you don't like and need assistance. big_smile

#9 Re: The X Spot » UTV Shops. When, where, and what » 2012-02-26 19:48:34

call Jared with Ruthless Motorsports on here..

#11 Re: Ruthless Motor Sports » Owners new personal build » 2012-02-17 13:18:17

can't wait to see the magic that has been worked! Post some pics!!  lol

#12 Re: Goin' Riding... Who's with Me? » Hangin Tree Trail (Ut) tomorrow 11-26-11 » 2011-12-08 19:35:59

Maybe we can make the next trip with our new ride....  big_smile

Sweet! Kyle, does this mean the Rhino is history?  sad

nope..................................................not yet  lol

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