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#1 The X Spot » Torn between two, please help » 2017-10-04 13:46:14

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Hey all, I'm new here and need some advice and thanks in advance for your time! Rzr XP 1000 turbo or Cam Am Maverick X3 1000 turbo. Both 4 sweaters. I'm from north east Arkansas so trail riding through the woods and running around the countryside on gravel roads is what the use will be. Not looking for any mud holes unless one crosses a trail. Some trails in the Ozarks are very rocky so here are my concerns with each.
It seems that 90% of the riders we come across are in razors, obviously for a reason? The rzr is narrower and shorter than the can am so it'll get through the tight trails better. Overall height of rzr is taller which I'd assume center of gravity is higher. I understand the transmissions in the new turbo rzr's is different but for better or worse, guess time will tell? Most people tell me to go with the rzr but I love the looks of the can am. Sits lower in overall height, more leg room in the back for passengers, it's stance and overall look is much better in my opinion. I'm not sure it'll get through some of the trails? Has an awesome suspension travel as well. Seating seems to set you back more than the Polaris and feels more comfortable to me. But again, how reliable is it and it's overall width concerns me. Appreciate your time in helping spend too much money on a new toy!

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