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#1 Events, Rallies, & Races » TORRA - Streets of Laredo GP - August 11-12 - Laredo, Texas » 2017-07-21 09:37:29

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Streets of Laredo GP

Come on out and try your hand at on a South Texas short course surrounded by Mesquite and near the Rio Grande!

Streets of Laredo GP Registration and Schedule of Events

Streets of Laredo GP Event on Facebook

This race is for UTVs, Handlebars, and Bro-Lites.

We have two classes of UTVs, Stock and Pro. Rules for those can be found here:

Race Classes

We look forward to having you out with us!

Each class will have 3 hours of racing Grand Prix style on this 9-14 mile course.

Streets of Laredo GP Course

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