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#1 Re: General Discussion about Yamaha Rhinos » Massimo 700 help? » 2015-03-01 17:18:21

Ok well I just bought my first utv. Was going with the ranger 570 bit a friend talked me into the massimo! Living on a 3500 a re horse farm it was to be handny if nothing else. And yes I was looking to have a little fun as well. Anywho I've got a whopping 2hrs on it. Met a new farm gal and wanted to show her the farm and a good time. So we went riding, mind u - we have 4-5inches of wet snow and it's spitting rain. I know break in is inportant. But after being easy on it I attempted to gas it while turning in a field and spin the snow and dirt. Lol I wS in huh and 2 she'll drive. It shut off?? Horn , winch, lights, turn signals all work. But the LCD dash dosnt work and neither is the fuel pump noise? It will crank over but no fuel pump or dash . I looked for wires unplugged and can't find any. So after towing it home 1mile I called tsc they have no idea. They can't even tell me where to find fuses or anything. Not to mention I'm still waiting on my owners manual as they lost it. Can anyone help me? Surely it should handle a little tire spin and throttle on snow. Any advice would be appreciated

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