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#1 Re: General Polaris Ranger and Polaris RZR Discussions » 2013 Ranger XP 900 » 2013-04-22 19:41:33

First post was in wrong location.  My question is, I have a 2013 Ranger XP 900, the issue is a speed sensor, less than a month old and still have the issue.  Polaris says there is a recall, why is it taking so long to get the speen sensor replaced?  Is issue with part a problem for others, if so what did you do to fix the problem.  Very disappointing for a new unit and not being able to get any use out of it..  Thanks.. 

P.S.  I have only owned John Deere Gators in the past and never ever a issue.  Beginning to think I should have stayed with the Gator..   But hope this want be a continuing issue..  Ok Polaris get with the program...

#2 Re: John Deere Gator » Gator 825i mudding » 2013-04-22 19:29:29

I had two new Gators, never ever a issue.  So for I'm very disappointed with my new 2013 Ranger XP 900.  Less that a month old and have used it less than a week, and looks like maybe the parts will be here between now and the 10 May.  Beginning to wish I had stay with the Gator...

#3 Re: General Discussion about Yamaha Rhinos » 2013 Polaris Ranger. » 2013-04-22 17:32:11

Just signed on, my question is.  We have owned John Deere gators in the past.  Never any issues.  Though we would go with the a new 2013 Polaris Ranger.  So for very disappointed,  I'm told the speed sensor's are bad, and has been down two weeks and not expected to get new sensor until sometime in May, does this issue happen often, and why is it taken so long to get repaired?   Thanks.

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