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#1 Re: The X Spot » Getting a UTV Club started........ » 2011-01-30 17:53:40

I totally agree! I don't know why it is that MOST of those in charge are the LEAST informed.  big_smile

#2 Re: The X Spot » Getting a UTV Club started........ » 2011-01-29 11:32:51

I'm thinking about starting up a UTV Club (All makes) in my area. I was wondering if any of you have experience in starting up; ideas for bylaws and rules, organization and charters ?
The area I live in doesn't currently have ANY Clubs specifically for UTVs. The problem with that is that other vehicles are classified different, have different requirements and restrictions. Plus here in Oregon; they group us in with Jeeps. (Class 2) Hell; we're not Jeeps! We're 1000 pounds from being a Jeep!
I have found some awesome private areas to ride (considering our government has closed off MOST of the wilderness to us.) I'd like to attract other UTVrs to not only go riding; but fix up the trail system leaving it in better shape than when we got there. The general ignorant public thinks we're just dirt bikers, or Jeepers who care only about shredding up the land. (No offense bikers and Jeepers) I know thats not true for the most part; but thats what some of these ignoramuses think. Maybe we can surprise them with our care for the land? The thing is that UTVs are here to stay....even though the general public doesn't recognize us as a different kind of off roader.  I'm curious if local government agencies (ie BLM; Parks and Rec; etc) would work WITH clubs to promote the sport as well as local dealerships and aftermarket parts distributers. Any ideas of how to get started and organization would be very appreciated! Thanks in advance guys!

#3 Re: Joyner Trooper » Body Modding » 2011-01-28 10:48:24

What brought that on?  :shock:

#5 Re: The X Spot » Moab Restrictions » 2011-01-25 20:50:12

I was looking at another UTV message board and several people mentioned that the camp sites are all filled up now . (Other than the dry camp non reservable spots around Sand Flats)

#6 Re: Joyner Trooper » Body Modding » 2011-01-25 14:04:51

I'm thinking of fabbing up some body Mods such as Half doors and a roof w/snorkle scoop; and using polypropylene .25 thick plastic. It cuts with a jig saw; and is very durable; light weight; and paintable.
Have any of you done this? My only experience with it was using clear .25 for my windshield; but I think the colored stuff should work just fine for body panels.

Maybe something like this:


#7 Re: The X Spot » Moab Restrictions » 2011-01-25 09:54:49

Thanks Mr.K; Yeah, It's pretty much what I had considered. Even if I kept my SXS at the Arena; I still would need to drive my motorhome to get myself there and back. If I'm in a Sand Flats camp space; I lose it; and if at a hotel; it would be better; but I just drove my 5mpg motorhome 1000 miles to stay in a hotel. Eeek. Oh well; Just about EVERY state that hosts a Jamboree has the same concerns. Thanks anyways though! We're thinking we may wait until June and go with some of the OTHER Joyner owners who are going to Southern Utah and dry camp; so that might be an option. As the UTV craze gets more popular and law enforcement starts using them as well; (Like in Bullhead City) eventually they will probably just licence them for highway use as long as it is on secondary roads. (I hope)

#8 Re: The X Spot » Moab Restrictions » 2011-01-24 16:18:25

So where do you Southwestern UTVrs STAY/RIDE when in Moab? From what I've been able to research; you have to be pretty lucky to get a camp spot where you don't have to "TOW" your UTV on a trailer to the riding areas. With the UTV Rally on the Rocks coming up; it looks like there is going to be alot of people stranded at the campgrounds and hotels. Alot of you might be in the same circumstance that I'm in where your state does not allow "street legal" UTVs on the roads. It seems that ONLY already street legal and inspected vehicles can join in the caravan from the Old Spanish Trail Arena to the riding areas. Man that sucks! I was planning on going; but it looks impossible at this point. If I'm wrong; please correct me. I'd really like to go

#9 Re: Joyner Trooper » Trooper mods » 2011-01-20 15:49:26

lol   I wonder if Asian vehicles are "de-tuned" more than American vehicles? I'm not sure if China is a "greenie" country or not; but they make some good gas mileage vehicles! The Trooper 1100 engine is out of a really wierd looking little car. I don't know if we even have anything on the road that small. Kinda reminds me of the Chevron cartoon cars

#10 Re: Joyner Trooper » Trooper mods » 2011-01-20 09:12:20

Yeah; that is steep. However; as far as a chip getting you 20% more HP; I believe it. I have a Subaru WRX STI and a local guy did some tweaking on my computer and found LOTS more horsepower. It's all above my head; but electronic hot rodding is the way it is these days......especially on Asian made vehicles.  big_smile

#11 Re: Joyner Trooper » Trooper mods » 2011-01-19 14:42:23

Here's a discussion on the chip. I'm looking for the one that I found that is already available … rogrammer/

Here it is. I'm anxious to see how well it works, and do you need to find an experienced "tuner" who understands it's parameters. … 64524.html

#12 Re: Joyner Trooper » Trooper mods » 2011-01-19 09:15:29

08' Trooper 2; Maxxis Bighorn 14/27 on rear. Flowmaster exhaust, Hushpower Muffler; reinforced roll cage; RCI 5 point harnesses; Custom snorkle; windshield, Custom canvas bikini top.

Will be adding Fox or Walker Evans shocks; custom paint; Cobra Racing seats; power steering, and a chip  8)


#14 Re: The X Spot » Moab Utah........How about some recommendations? » 2011-01-17 16:13:14

My wife and I want to make the trek from Bend, OR to Moab this May or June. We will have to stay at hotels because we don't have a camping trailer. I was wondering what the best places to stay are and the nearest staging areas to riding areas? Are Side by Sides street legal in Moab like in Bullhead City AR. ? I want to be able to have fairly safe areas to park the trailer and truck; yet have comfortable lodging. If you can ride on the street; I guess it doesn't matter how close to the trails it is. (Have all pertinant lighting and restraints) So what would you recommend? Thanks in advance!

#15 Re: The X Spot » Just a suggestion........... » 2011-01-13 14:45:12

Cool! I'll pass it on to a couple other Joyner owners I've talked to online

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