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#1 Re: General Discussion about Yamaha Rhinos » Help! Buying used Rhino and... » 2008-07-02 09:10:56

I would think all would be ok but just be sure to check it over very well.  Take a friend with you to assist.  Just make sure your drivetrain/steering  components are tight and all should be ok. The motor will run a long time with proper oil changes and tune ups.  Long Travel is a pretty expensive and nice ad on.  Post some picks if you get it.....

#2 Re: General Discussion about Yamaha Rhinos » Help! Buying used Rhino and... » 2008-07-02 06:19:42

I would jack it up off the ground and make sure all the wheel bearings are good but gabbing each tire individually and moving side to side. I would also have someone turn the steering wheel with the tires on the ground and make sure your tie rods are not word.  Check the service records. Look underneath to see if anything is broken. Rotate all the wheels and ensure there are no torn or worn CV Joints or Boots.  With the back end jacked up, have someone hold the brake while you turn the rear wheels.  The brake will simulate a slight load and will give you an indicator if any of the bearings are going out in the rear.  Make sure to turn the wheels back and fourth hard.  I was able to see my rear diff/spool was loose and was able to see when the bearings were starting to go in the rear.

Lots to look at...those are just some suggestions. I am sure others will have many more ideas.

#5 Re: General Discussion about Yamaha Rhinos » 12" or 14" Wheels » 2008-07-01 12:58:06

Well, I wish I had seen the previous post from Fasttrax so I could have done a little bit more comparison shopping.  Anyway, I ordered  the 26 x 14's for the Rhino with ITP SS212 Black Wheels  I did not think the price was too bad @ $775.00 shipped to my front door.  I am just nervous that these will be hard to steer compared to the stock tires and wheels and that the power loss will drive me crazy.

I do have a Black Rhino CDI and a K&N air filter but other than that it is stock.

#6 Re: Goin' Riding... Who's with Me? » Red River Riding Trails in Bulcher, TX » 2008-06-30 12:54:30

Will be going to the Red River Riding Trails in Bulcher, TX on July 3rd for the weekend.  We may consider going to Gator Run Park in Easton, TX but we do not know anyone that has been who could tell us about it.

Anyway, hope that all the parks are full but the gas bills may be keeping people at home sad

#7 Re: Yamaha Rhino Photo Gallery » Before and After Photos » 2008-06-30 12:45:36

I have had a windshield on a Rhino and it was great in the Winter but if it is dirty at all and the sun hits it, you get such a bad glare that you have to carry windex all the time.  I found it to be a hastle to ride with it more than have it be enjoyable.  Besides, if you are offroading in the trees, the windshield will be so scratched up you cannot see clearly out of it.

#8 Re: General Discussion about Yamaha Rhinos » 12" or 14" Wheels » 2008-06-26 12:15:37

Thank you for the input.  One more question is....with the larger tires and wheels it is harder to steer or easier?

#9 Re: General Discussion about Yamaha Rhinos » 12" or 14" Wheels » 2008-06-26 09:15:20

I am wanting a new set of tires and wheels for my 2005 660 Rhino.  My concern is the loss of power if I go with too big of a tire/wheel combination.  I am either wanting the Terracross 26" X 14 Tires or the Terracross 25" with 12" wheels.  I have also considered the Bighorn 26" Tires with 12" wheels (these are very heavy though) and I do not want to lose power but I do want to improve handling.  Do the offset wheels make the Rhino feel a lot more stable or just a little?

Does anyone in here run the 14" Tires/Wheels and if so did you you lose power?  Did you notice a handling difference?   

Any advice would be appreciated.

#10 Re: General Discussion about Yamaha Rhinos » Rear Differential Brace » 2008-06-26 05:16:06

If the diff on you Rhino is moving up and down at all it will destroy your frame.  YES Warranty offered to replace my frame or build a brace and I opted to have the brace made.  If I had taken a new frame it would have come lose again in the future.  Obviously Yamaha had once thought about bracing this item because there is an open bolt hole on the rear case of the diff (which is right where they braced it.

#11 Re: Rhino Parts and Accessories » Rhino floorboards » 2008-06-25 13:26:55

I am welding braces underneath along with some drag pans that will eliminate the issue.  I tried to get Yamaha to fix under warranty but because the Rhino had been off road they would not cover it....Go Figure   :shock:

#12 Re: General Discussion about Yamaha Rhinos » Rear Differential Brace » 2008-06-25 12:58:53


I took my 2005 Yamaha Rhino in for service because the rear diff was popping. Appears it is a very weak link as when under load it would literally move up and down. I fought with the YES Warranty about the issue and they finally admitted to me that the diff has insuficient bracing that can cause frame damage if not fixed. Yamaha made a brace for me under warranty and now the diff appears to be secure and no more popping sounds.  By the way, this unit is stock with stock tires and wheels and I do all my 4-wheeling in Texas.

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