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Re: Mojave CA. to Stateline run 9-27-08

Proceeds benifit Cancer awarness reasearch and education.

There is a Mojave to State Line run on September 27th 2008. I went to their last one (went as a support vehicle) and had a good time..
It is a well run event, that they have been puting on for years. It is run by Monaghan Motorsports in Tehachapi. It has primarily been Motorcycles & ATV's.
The last event had UTV's (for the first time) and there were approx 10 of them. This time it will triple or quadruple or more.

Starts in Mojave
There are 4 check in points.
Kramer Junction (4 corners)
State Line

The longest run is between Yermo and Baker and is approx 80 miles..

Each of the check-in points is fully accesable for any support vehicle.

Some run it hard, some take their time, its up to you. You can cruise it in a stock suspension vehicle, or run hard if you have the suspension and gonads to do so..

They have a chase truck, permits, Medi Vac on stand by, Etc....
There is a rider banquet after at Buffalo Bills.. And most spend the night there..

They start out with a drivers meeting at their shop in Tehachapi.

They give you a map and support phone numbers, including the chase truck at the drivers meeting.

The phone number for their shop is 661-823-0733

I went as a support vehicle with the guys from MB Products last time, and I believe they are going to sponsor some sort of BBQ lunch at Yermo this time..

Each of the check points turns into a mini camp for the support vehicles, and is suitable and easy to get to, for wives, girlfriends etc

If I remember right it was approx $50 and included a tee shirt..


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