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Re: Yamaha Rhino Adjustable seat base - NEW!

With the UTV craze in full swing its almost guaranteed that your wife and kids are going to want to join in the excitement of driving around in the family Side X Side. Unfortunately, this can be unsafe for those of us who are not tall enough to reach the peddles and steering wheel easily. The solution up until now has been to sit on the edge of the seat to reach the peddles making wearing the seatbelt pretty much useless because you are no longer securely held to the seat. Plus, not being able to reach the break peddle because you've been tossed back in the seat after a good bump can lead to no good. This safety issue has been a problem for many, until now...


The “Original Seat Slider” by Lion Cart was created to improve the functionality and safety for UTV operators. Made from 5052 1/8” thick Aluminum, these new adjustable seat mounts are stronger than the factor plastic mounts and allow the driver to quickly and easily adjust the seat forward or backward for optimal comfort and safety. With Lion Cart's patent pending adjustable seat mount, people who are too short to safely operate their UTV no longer have to sit on the front edge of the seat to reach the peddles and steering wheel. The driver can now extend the seat forward an additional 8 inches allowing them to reach the gas and break peddles to safely operate the vehicle all the while staying properly secured against the back of the seat with the seatbelt snug against the body.


Safety comes first with every product Lion Cart designs. With the adjustable seat slider it is now possible for young kids and petite women to safely operate their UTV. The adjustable seat slider works just like the seat in your car and is just as easy to use. Simply pull the lever to adjust the seat to your liking and then release the lever to lock the seat into place.

Lion Cart's adjustable seat mounts are available for both the driver side and passenger side and work with stock seats as well as most aftermarket seats. The seat mount replaces the stock plastic mount and installs in minutes. Lion Cart currently has adjustable seat mounts in stock for the Yamaha Rhino. Adjustable seat mounts for the Ranger and RZR will be available soon. Every kit includes all necessary mounting hardware and easy to follow instructions.

For a limited time
the price for "The Original Seat Slider" is only $179 each

Click here to purchase online at www.lioncart.com

Or you can call (623) 451-2649 to order by phone. Ask for Terry.

Dont forget to tell them you're a Side X Side Forum member!

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