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Re: Mule 2510 Help

Ok, here goes. I want a UTV because I live on a mountain and the winter weather is wreaking havoc on my mobility. I found one that runs for $1400, its an older Mule 2510, but I'm trying to determine how much it could cost me to repair it in the event that it decides to malfunction. I see that Kawasaki replacement engines are very expensive and was wondering how hard is it to go with a different engine? To start with how is the basic drivetrain constructed? Is the engine bolted to the transmission etc? I've tried to find drawings but haven't had any luck, but what I want to know is how does power get to the wheels, what are the mechanical connections etc. Another thing, I've found is a small Kubota diesel for sale in my area for $1000 and it's still in the crate from Kubota. It's a D1005 which is just slightly bigger than the diesel that kawasaki puts in the diesel Mules and I want to know if I could replace the engine with it with out replacing the transmission, and make this thing into a little project and get a reliable machine out of it.

Any ideas or assistance would be appreciated.




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Re: Mule 2510 Help

Those engines run forever as long as you change the oil regularly and the air filter.Check and make sure it goes in and out of 4 wheel drive.Check the hi-lo range and the differential lock.If it all works ,I would buy it.It is powered off a drive belt.They are pretty hard to abuse as RPM`s are so low.You will have to look to see if you can attach the diesel,but I doubt it.

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