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Re: Polaris Windshield Wipers

I've got a Polaris Ranger XP, roll cage, roof, and front windshield.  Last winter I used it for plowing, which it did pretty well except in deep wet snow.  Anyway, I did not purchase electric windshield wipers when I bought it because they were something like $600.  When it rained or snowed I'd unbuckle, get out, and squeegie the windshield, plow some more, repeat.  So I've been looking for alternatives to the $600 option.  I've looked at some manual wiper blades with a handle just like the old days.  But the best one requires a 7/16" hole in the windshield.  The window guy says he can drill the hole, but it is likely that any bumps will cause the window to crack if not shatter.  He really recommended I not do that.  There is a removable manual wiper, but it would require me to cut out a large chunk of the plastic frame to attach it.  So I'm  back to wondering if there is a wiper kit that I could wire myself, but not for $600.  I'm up for any advice from you guys.  I only need it on the driver's side, it can be manual or electric.  Thanks in advance

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