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Re: New Soft Tops from Seizmik

Just wanted to let every know about our new Soft Tops we just redesigned for the Rhino, Ranger and we have a redesigned Kubota RTV Top coming soon.

The new tops improve on previous tops by simplifying construction, removing loose flaps and provide a tighter fit.

A noticeable feature about the tops is their simplicity in construction. This simplicity results in a lower priced top with fewer seams to rip and an improved fit courtesy of Seizmik’s new “Quikfit” tightening system. The tightening system uses two straps that wrap around the roll cage and buckle inside the cab. This reduces the installation time of the top and provides the best fit of any top in the industry. The system uses two straps that reduce the installation time of the tops and provide a tighter fit. A big selling point for the soft tops is their ability to be left on vehicles that are trailered. This is possible because the tops are wrapped around the roll bar and velcro’d into place, creating a snug fit that eliminates any loose flaps. The tops are fully compatible with most UTV accessories and windshields. The tops include adhesive backed Velcro that allows the soft tops to be attached to the top of windshields.

The tops retail for MSRP $130 and are available at powersports dealers across the nation

Here are some pics:

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